Product Photography in Bali

Looking for a photographer to capture your brand’s essence through your products? Our team of Bunny + Dust photographers in Bali is ready to capture the true value of your products and brand identity.

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Bunny + Dust Productions is a full-service digital branding agency based in Bali, Indonesia. We deliver unique, creative A to Z content marketing solutions.

Put the Spotlight On Your Products & Services

An effective way of getting your message across to your target audience is by having the right product images. These are images that sell, that compel, that engage, that capture — and you can have all these thanks to our team of Bali photographers.

Our Bali production house is well equipped with the right tools and equipment needed to set up a product photoshoot. One that represents your brand design and identity. You can expect stunning images with every photo session that you can use across a range of platforms and campaigns.

One key advantage of working with our photographers in Bali is how you can utilise the best of what Bali has to offer. We’re talking about the scenic backdrops, natural lighting, and using raw materials from nature. We also have access to the best photography studios that can deliver clean and perfectly styled shoots to a t. It’s time to give your products the spotlight they deserve to help propel your business forward.

Jewelry product photography in Bali

With the natural beauty of Bali serving as our main source of inspiration, we take pride in capturing images with a vetted Bali photographer. These images are meant to engage and sell to your audience.

Bunny + Dust Productions brings together a highly skilled group of creatives with expertise in their respective fields as one. We are a team located in Bali that’s ready to take on people, product, and brands and push it on a global scale.

Bunny + Dust Content Creator Services

Expertly Styled Product
Layouts + Themes

Our team of creative professionals specialises in a wide range of content formats. These are used in business development, advertising, information campaigns, and so on. We can guarantee to provide specifically tailored content for your various formatting requirements.

Work with Accomplished
Photographers in Bali

Have full confidence with our team of photographers, who are simply the best of the best. You can expect them to pay extra attention to detail and exhibit utmost care in making sure that each product photoshoot results in the best possible images for your brand.

Artistic Photo Edits

Of course, our work doesn’t end with just the product photoshoot. Our photographers would also work hard in capturing the essence of each image through post-production. The end results are guaranteed to be in line with your requirements and formatting needs.

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Some of Our Content Projects

Sea Gypsy Jewelry product photography Bali

Sea Gypsy Jewelry Bali

Zoom in, zoom out. Ready, set, shoot. It was such a breeze working with Sea Gypsy Jewelry and their beautiful range of accessories inspired by the sea. We made full use of Bali’s gorgeous setting to give justice to these simple yet striking pieces of jewelry with product and lifestyle shoots.

Jewelry Lab product photography Bali

Jewelry Lab Bali

Edgy yet carefree — this is how we envisioned Jewelry Lab accessories to be. For their product shoot, our Bali photographer paid a lot of attention to highlighting details and playing with natural light. The result? A photo shoot campaign that looks straight out of a vintage surf magazine.

Are you ready to shoot and create?

It’s time to put the spotlight on your products and services with beautifully styled layouts and editing. A job that only a reliable professional photographer can do. Let’s get started with putting your products and services out there by working with our team of professional Bali photographers.

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