Content Production in Bali

Content creator? Startup brand? In need of a marketing revamp? Bunny + Dust Productions offers a full range of creative content production in Bali.

Bunny + Dust Production is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Bali, Indonesia. We deliver unique, creative A to Z content marketing solutions.

Collaborative Content Production Set in Bali

Do you need a content creator in Indonesia to plot engaging Instagram posts? Or a videographer to direct a stunning promotional YouTube video? Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered.

Our Bali production house can create videos and images to post across various social media platforms and for your website. Eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing graphics are crucial to web development.

If you think the elevator pitch is hard, try digital marketing. An elevator pitch lasts 30 seconds. Meanwhile, a content creator has less than 10 seconds to capture the reader’s attention. Otherwise, they’ll move on to the next post online. This is why it’s important to create intentional and meaningful content that would make your target audience stop scrolling.

surfer lifestyle content photography in Bali

With the idyllic scenery of Bali as our setting, we take pride in creating images, videos, and other forms of content that are meant to move and engage.
Bunny + Dust Productions brings together creative individuals with expertise in their respective fields as one team. A team that’s ready to take on people, product, and brands and launch it on a worldwide scale.

Bunny + Dust Content Creator Services

Countless Range
of Content Formats

Our team of creative professionals specialises in a wide range of content formats. These are used in business development, advertising, information campaigns, and so on. We can guarantee to provide specifically tailored content for your various formatting requirements.

Well Styled & Professionally
Produced Content in Bali

Here at Bunny + Dust Productions, we understand that unique and aesthetically pleasing content leads the pack. This is even more evident when it comes to brands and content creators in Indonesia. This is why we make sure that we make all available resources at hand to deliver expertly produced content every single time.

Purposeful End to End
Creative Collaboration

Our main aim in content production is to collaborate with you every step of the way. This covers idea conceptualisation and production planning to content execution. You can trust us to be your partners in creating original content and other forms of media that will drive your brand to the top.

Our Content Production Services

product photography

Product Photography

Bali can be the perfect setting for almost any kind of photo shoot and our agency will help you get the best product shots in this island paradise. We treat each product photography project as if it’s our own, aiming to exceed expectations with photos that effectively sell. That said, we can do both studio shoots with a styled set or have it outdoors, depending on which best serves your brand and range of products.

video production

Video Production

We recognise the relevance of video content in today’s digital space. This is why we made sure that our Bali production house is well equipped in catering to your video production vision and requirements. From the conceptualisation stage, to storyboard creation, to scouting locations, up until filming and everything in between, our team of expert video producers will work with you to come up with relevant videos for your brand.

model couple lifestyle photography set in Bali

Some of Our Content Projects

Surf Spirit Sri Lanka content

Surf Spirit Sri Lanka

It all started with a vision. Then evolved into a full-blown content conceptualisation, strategy, and execution. We created a series of visual and written content for Surf Spirit Sri Lanka and took the liberties to create the content that we felt best suit their brand’s philosophy.

Reckon Headwear content Bali

Reckon Headwear

Reckon Headwear wanted to have a set of versatile lifestyle and product images that highlights the brand’s laid-back Balinese vibes. Our creative team accomplished this by stylised layouts that showed both product and scenic shots in Bali.

Are you ready to level up your content game?

Unique and high quality content creation is the name of the game for brands these days. Our team of creative professionals can assist you in developing your brand and bringing your vision to life.

Want to see more of our work? Check out our work and how we work on our Journals and make sure to also follow us on Instagram to see our production journey.

surfer lifestyle content in Bali