JUNGL AMSTERDAM. sustainable swimwear

We from Bunny + Dust Productions consider us as water people. The ocean is our playground, our go-to for fun and well-being.

When we learned about Jungl Amsterdams philosophy and their approach as an environment friendly brand, we all agreed without hesitation to help produce their newest campaign newest called “The Reef Collection”. 

Jungl Amsterdam: “Every bikini or swimsuit of our Catch of the day collection is named after a marine animal that is threatened with extinction. The main reasons for the threat are overfishing and the plastic waste that floats in the oceans. 46% of the weight of the plastic soup consists of fishing nets. Marine animals get entangled in these nets and suffer a painful death.

Every bikini or swimsuit in our SS21 collection is named after a type of coral. We want to create awareness for this special piece of nature because we have lost 50% of the world’s corals in the last 30 years. Coral reefs cover only 0.2 % of the earth’s surface, but are home to 25% of all ocean life. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of people depend on the reef for their food or income.”

Bali bikini photoshoot
swimwear photoshoot in Bali

The campaign for Jungle covered product photography in digital and analog as well as film for social media.

When a client is requesting analog photography for a campaign, we are usually over the moon. There are more PRO’s then CON’s to have analog photography taking place during a digital shoot. 

Here 2 of dozens of reasons why to have analog photography taking place during your shoot:

# 1 –  it slows you down

Simply applying fixed restriction of a film in your analog camera will make you think twice about everything that’s in the frame rather than rattling off another 100 digital images and declaring somewhat obnoxiously “I’ll fix it in Photoshop later”. You see, getting it right in-camera also provides the added benefit of not having to sift through hundreds of frames to choose the perfect composition.

# 2 – It “Just Looks Better”

It’s difficult to not take issue with this reason as there are plenty of Lightroom filter packs that can emulate different types of film photography, so in fact a RAW digital file has a great deal more scope on the final look than its traditional counterpart.

However… isn’t that just a little bit contrived? You spend thousands on the best digital camera and lens only to put it back through a filter to give it imperfections and restrictions only available in film?

Here the top shots taken by our Analog Photographer Patrick. 

Bali bikini photoshoot


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