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Bikini Photoshoot Bali

Main Design is in the swimwear business since 8 years. With Bali as the base and Europe as their main market, the visual content is beautiful curated and created all over the world. Buysers and inlfurencers are representing Main Design. And Main Design doesn’t hesitate to use anybodies footage to stay authentic and true to the brand and the viewer.

When a new collection is out, it’s not about hiring the top-models nor organizing the hair and make up artists. No – we scout for beautiful souls with lots of energy and passion who have heaps of fun on a daily basis. 

Our last shooting took place in Balangan, where Khat and Rene would have had their daily longboard session anyway. Straight away they have agreed on doing their session in the newest line of Main Design Bikinis. Once they’ve arrived, we gave them the choice to wear what they like the most.

After a couple of shots at the warung, only a few at the beach while the ladies were checking the waves, a little wait for the set to be over to not get smashed by the shorebreak – done. The dry shots have been sucessfully taken. Shortly after we joined the lineup with the waterhousing to capture the action and it’s fun. Good times!

Bikini Photo Shoot Bali Waterphotography



Bikini Photoshoot Bali Lifestyle Fashion
Bikini Photoshoot Bali Lifestyle Fashion





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