Products and Café campaigns. Surf videography. Surf Trip content creation in Photography and Videography.

When Drifter calls, you first go for a surf and then kick off the project. Nevertheless, what needs to be created shall be authentic and salty. With that in mind, and with all the knowledge about Drifter, straight away the goal is to add to the beyond beautiful and meaningful story behind it. Drifter picks the most inspiring words, describes feelings and emotions in ways that photos…

Surf footage, product photography, documentary

Jim Banks, a man of many talents, happens to be my next door neighbor. He’s well known as a true legend of the surfing world as well as the one pioneer of Indonesians waves. To me he is simply the lovely neighbor everyone dreams of. Listening to his stories or to his jamming skills on his handmade guitars is mindblowing.

Creation of commercial content, campaign, lookbook, e-commerce, editorials.

Full range of production service including creative direction, production, location scouting, budgeting, photography, cinematography, styling and postproduction.

In close collaboration with the Marketing Manager of the Brand we understood the vision of Protest and their planned production immediately.

Reckon Headwear is made by Wanderers for Wanderers.

We support people who walk a different path and live to experience a different side of life. We make functional and stylish headwear to accompany you on any type of adventure Live your dream, don’t be bothered and make sure every day is a radical one!

Social Media content creation and posting (concepting, production, captions), website content and e-commerce.

An invitation to stay with Surf Spirit in Sri Lanka to create content for everyone and everything around you and your camera, is to be compared with winning the lottery.