Creation of commercial content, campaign, lookbook, e-commerce, editorials

Full range of production service including creative direction, production, location scouting, budgeting, photography, cinematography, styling and postproduction.

In close collaboration with the Marketing Manager of the Brand we understood the vision of Protest and their planned production immediately. We exchanged ideas and moodboards while making our research to know all about the brand philosophy to not just fulfill expectations – no we aimed for overboarding them. Working with the team of Protest is a “role-model” of collaboration.

After aligning the whole concept for the content, all the moods and details, the brand sends us the products to shoot and we take care of everything operational (ironing, adding fitting props to the outfit, deciding backgrounds and location to ensure the outfit fits the location etc.) to guarantee a successful production. We facilitate the work of the brand because all logistics pre, during and post shooting is our responsibility. Of course we are always in communication with the brand and what the brand wants is priority.

Once the shoot is done, a rich selection of slightly touched up shots per outfit is sent to the Marketing Manager of the Brand for her and her team’s selection. Once the shots have been selected, the final touch up process starts which includes color correction/balance, sharpening, cropping, spot/background removals, skin tones adjustments, complexion fixing of models.